About Me

I am a Boise based software developer, working professionally since 1997. In that time I've worked for large corporations, small agile shops, and as a consultant. I've been in every role from Software Developer to Director of Development.

My specialty is developing, and delivering modern web applications with Restful apis. When I can I also dabble in IPhone/IPad development as well.

When not coding I'm either cooking, working in my woodshop, or playing with my kids

OpenSource projects

Fluent ADO.net

This is my simplistic version of a microORM. Written in C#.

Visit FluentAdo.net

Times Table Helper

IPad/IPhone app to help kids learn their multiplication tables.

Visit Times Table Helper

Beginning Math

Basic IPad app to help kids learn addition.

Visit Beginning Math

Scrum Cards

Planning poker cards for you IPhone and Ipad.

Visit Scrum Cards

Demo Projects

I give talks and demos for various groups, these are some of those demos

JQuery Demo

This is a JQuery demo I've given at code camps and user groups all over the northwest. I cover finding element, binding to them, manipulating the dom, and ajax.

Visit Demo

LoDash Template Engine

This demo shows how to use the LoDash library in your project, and how to get the most out of the LoDash template function.

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SVG Demo

This demo shows how what SVG can do and how to use it in your projects. I also the D3 javascript library

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Canvas Demo

This demo show how to use the browser canvas element to draw on screen.

Canvas Demo

Any developer working in software will eventually learn a bunch of languages and technologies. Below are a sample of what I use the most.

  • C# and ASP.Net MVC
  • Java, TomCat
  • JavaScript, JQuery, Lodash, Grunt
  • ObjectiveC
  • SQL, Postgres, SQL Server, MySQL
  • Agile Development
  • Amazon AWS
User Groups and Conferences